James Vick releases statement following scary upkick knockout suffered at UFC Tampa 

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James Vick is angry with himself after getting caught with an upkick courtesy of Niko Price this past weekend at UFC Fight Night from Tampa. But it doesn’t appear he suffered any long term damage as a result of the knockout.

The end of the fight came in dramatic fashion after Vick ended up on top of Price during a scramble on the ground. Just as he postured up looking to rain down strikes, Price landed a vicious upkick that connected heel to face.

As soon as the kick landed, Vick was rendered unconscious. He slumped over on top of Price as the referee rushed into stop the fight. He remained motionless for several moments afterwards, although he eventually got back to his feet while asking the officials in the cage what had just happened.

On Monday, Vick released a statement where he addressed the upkick that ended his night in his UFC welterweight debut.

“Been a couple of days reflecting on everything,” Vick explained in the post on Instagram. “During this camp I focused so hard on fixing some of the technical issues I have had in the past. Especially keeping my hands up. And I feel I have made significant progress in those areas.

“Then I go out and get caught with a upkick, such a low percentage move and super embarrassing to get hit with that. Props to my opponent Niko Price for being able to land that type of move in high level fight. Much respect to you.”

While the knockout was rather frightening in the moment, Vick says his post-fight trip to the hospital ended with relatively good news, at least where his head was concerned.

“I am home now with minimum damage,” Vick said. “My CT scan was negative. My lip is busted up and probably have a MCL torn in my right knee from landing on it weirdly.

“I am at home with my son and family and am at peace at the moment looking forward to the holidays with them. What the future holds only God knows but I have too much to be thankful for and a son that looks up to me to be negative and allow this stuff to keep me down.”

Prior to his fight against Price this past Saturday night, Vick had commented that he believed he needed a win to secure his UFC future after three straight losses.

Unfortunately, Vick suffered his fourth straight defeat. But obviously no decision has been made regarding his future with the UFC.

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