UFC Middleweight Urijah Hall Visits The Kids Of After-School All-stars In Tampa

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“I was bullied on a consist basis and I just remember feeling lonely and not having the right support system, so I resonate with the kids well,” Hall said. “I just wanted to kind of tell them that when I was their age I did get bullied because it’s common but I found an outlet and something that I was passionate about, which was video games, I learned from it and jumped from there.”

Teaching the kids some basic fundamentals of martial arts was a fun activity for both the kids and Hall. But what he hopes they took away most was how to navigate through the difficulties of being bullied and what mindset they should approach their lifestyle with.

“Today was a great experience. I got to talk to some kids and have fun with them. I taught them some really basically fundamentals for martial arts,” Hall said. “And I told them a little bit about my life’s story, a little bit of my journey and hopefully I gave them some insight of where they are at right now and how to go about that lifestyle.”

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