Midnight Mania! McGregor Wants Edgar Fight, Will Donate Purse To Charity

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Of the many potential bouts that Conor McGregor has publicly discussed — or at least Tweeted about — a bout with Frankie Edgar seemed less than likely. For one, Edgar recently announced his plan to drop down to Bantamweight, whereas McGregor hasn’t even competed at Featherweight since 2015. Plus, there’s no real heat between the two, and McGregor generally seeks to create as much of a spectacle as possible.

Nevertheless, an exchange on Twitter between the two seems to show that “Notorious” is very serious about facing the former Lightweight champ.

Edgar has already publicly accepted the bout, and “The Answer” said as much in response. Once more, McGregor confirmed his interest in the bout, even going so far as to say his fight purse could go to charity.

It’s hard to say what the play is here. Does McGregor really want to fight Edgar before the end of the year? It’s certainly possible, though the details are unclear. Is McGregor light enough to make 145-pounds or even ready to compete in December? Alternatively, this could merely be a negotiating tactic to make a different fight happen — a move that has happened plenty in UFC history. The Irishman is enigmatic in the best of times, so we’ll just have to await any official announcement.

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Slips, rips, and KO clips

A quick highlight of Sacramento boxer Xavier Martinez.

Clearly it’s an effective and legitimate technique since it put his opponent to sleep, but I would be unbelievably mad if this happened to me.

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Random Land

Sacramento mornings are growing a bit chilly. Winter is coming!

Midnight Music: Swans, one of my all-time favorite bands, is releasing a new album next Friday, and as such I’ve been listening chronologically through their previous 14 albums. Swans is not an easy band to explain nor one that most people will enjoy. In their 30+ year career, the band has transformed and shifted genres numerous times, releasing a half-dozen masterpieces along the way. Their music is consistently punishing, difficult, and noisy, but often beautiful and incredibly rewarding.

Here’s the best I can do in posting an accessible Swans song:

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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