Dominick Reyes takes a shot at First Round Management: “Jones fired you 6 months ago!”

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Dominick Reyes

UFC light heavyweight contender Dominick Reyes took a shot at First Round Management, who he claims don’t manage UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones anymore.

Dominick Reyes has been calling for a fight against Jones since finishing Chris Weidman in the main event of last weeks’ UFC Boston event. Jones so far doesn’t seem to be too interested in the fight, and neither does Abe Kawa of First Round Management, who doesn’t believe Reyes has earned a title shot yet.

Dominick Reyes saw what Kawa said about him and took a shot at Abe and Malki Kawa of First Round Management on Twitter. Here’s what Reyes said.

“Why are you guys even opening your mouths concerning Jon Jones? He fired you 6 months ago! Wayne Harriman is his manager and seems to think I’m next. Why don’t you guys stick to worrying about your actual clients. If I’m wrong then have Jon clear it for you, sucka!”

It was assumed the Kawas were managing Jones, but Dominick Reyes seems to believe otherwise. The man who Reyes claims is managing Jones now is Wayne Harriman, a long-time MMA manager with a piece of Legacy Fighting Alliance. He has represented Jones in the past as well, but it was assumed by most that the Kawas were managing Jones these days. Expect the Kawas to respond to these claims shortly.

Dominick Reyes, Jon Jones

For now, Dominick Reyes will continue to chase the fight with Jones. The champ seems to be more interested in moving up to heavyweight, but that won’t stop Reyes from continuing to try and egg him on for a fight. It’s likely that Reyes believes throwing some shade on the Kawas may help him land the fight he wants, but that remains to be seen.

Do you think Dominick Reyes going after Jon Jones’ management will help him land a fight with the champ?

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