Rory MacDonald Talks Fighting, Faith, & Following Through at Bellator 232 (Interview)

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Rory MacDonald
Fernando Quiles Jr., MMA News

Rory MacDonald has learned a lot since the last time he fought Douglas Lima.  The two have built a competitive rivalry in the welterweight Grand Prix where they both seemed to always know that they would be facing one another in the end. Now that Bellator 232 is here, MacDonald knows he has a job to do and regardless of any questions about his future, he intends on doing it Saturday night.

When it comes to being done with MMA, MacDonald’s focus seems to change as he gets closer to his fight with Lima. When speaking with MMA News during Bellator’s media day in New York City, he said that, “I know it’s on people’s minds,” MacDonald said, “They kind of put me as ‘finished,’ but I want to go out there and use that as motivation, and really put a statement out there with my performance.” He added that he wanted to let people know that what folks are, or were thinking, “wasn’t so right.”

He knows doubters will be out there, especially when it comes to his faith and his motivation for fighting. While many fighters do give praise to God in their respective faith after they win, it seems to be viewed differently when they mention it as another path to follow. “There’s always going to be persecution when it comes to Jesus, “MacDonald said of having to address his comments from earlier this year. He feels he should not be doubted, and that he has actually gotten some support for putting his faith out in the open.

The doubt has certainly been out there and with his contract expiring after Bellator 232, he can walk away as the Grand Prix and division champion, or just walk away if he loses. Bellator 232 airs exclusively on DAZN Saturday night (Oct. 26) from Mohegan Sun Arena.

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