UFC Bantamweight Says ‘USADA Is Worse Than Being On Probation’

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One UFC bantamweight weighed in on Nate Diaz’s UFC 244 drug testing hoopla and he took the opportunity to rip USADA.

Diaz will indeed meet Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244, but things were looking quite shaky momentarily. The Stockton native claimed to be off the card due to adverse findings in his drug test. Diaz was none too pleased about being told it was possibly due to a tainted product, as he’s only ingested natural food supplements. In the end, Diaz will not face any sanctions as it was determined the contaminated supplement in question was an organic, vegan, plant-based daily multivitamin.

Ray Borg Bashes USADA Amidst Nate Diaz Situation

Former flyweight title contender and current UFC bantamweight, Ray Borg, took aim at USADA over the Diaz situation.

“With all this Diaz and USADA stuff going I will say this, USADA is worse than being on probation. I was out with the family one time at Dave and busters and dude made me do a test in the bathroom while everyone was coming in and out watching me poor piss into a glass bottle.”

Back in June 2015, the UFC announced its partnership with USADA. The out-of-competition drug testing program went into effect the following month. Since that time, numerous fighters such as Jon Jones, Yoel Romero, and Sean O’Malley have been popped for tainted supplements. Jones has argued that fighters can have their reputations damaged instantly despite being clean.

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