Upset man hurls water bottle at Conor McGregor at Q&A (includes video)

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Conor McGregor recently announced his return to the UFC, but took some shots at lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and his fellow Dagestani countrymen. That didn’t sit well with one man who questioned McGregor on Friday.

The man took McGregor to task over his derogatory remarks about Dagestan and then chucked a water bottle at him.

During Thursday’s press conference in Moscow, McGregor said, “I wouldn’t go to Dagestan to take a s—, and that is the truth,” adding, “It’s in the nature of the Dagestani man to run. Every great Russian knows this about the Dagestani men. Every Chechen knows this about the Dagestani men. They run, and they cower.”

McGregor was addressing Nurmagomedov, but painted all Dagestani men with the same brush.

On Friday, according to an ESPN report, an unidentified man questioned McGregor about his remarks, asking, “Do you remember what you said about Dagestan people yesterday? If you hate Khabib and his team, why you say bad things about people?”

“I’ll tell you why. Because of disrespect the people showed me in the buildup to the fight,” McGregor said in response. “They sold items in the grocery with my face on it. They sold …”

The man then cut McGregor off, challenging him, “My father, my brother, you think are cowards?”

“Yes. Yes,” McGregor answered.

“Why cowards? My father? My brother? What (did they) do to you?” the man asked before tossing a bottle at McGregor, who easily avoided the projectile. 

The man was then escorted from the room, McGregor unscathed.

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Conor McGregor avoids hurled water bottle

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