Video: Weidman’s Dad Opens Up On His Boy’s Latest Loss

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It’s been a rough four years for former middleweight champ Chris Weidman. He’s been sidelined with numerous painful and tedious injuries, and his results inside the cage during that time have been pretty awful, resulting in a 1-5 stretch with all losses coming via KO or TKO. The latest defeat came at UFC on ESPN 6 where Chris was knocked out by Dominick Reyes just 1:43 into the first round.

Should he have been able to take the punch that dropped him? Or was it just bad luck that he went down so early, leaving many fans and UFC president Dana White talking about retirement? These are questions worth asking, but I have a different question: what’s Chris Weidman’s dad thinking? I wanna know how he coping with his boy’s loss.

Weidman’s dad has been right by his side through the wins and the losses, declaring after Chris’ first loss to Luke Rockhold in 2015 “He’s still my boy!”

Now we get to hear his somber words in the locker room after the UFC Boston loss to Reyes in this clip the promotion shared from ESPN+’s Destined show.

”Not many people have what he has,” Weidman’s dad said. “With his kids. His wife. He can always rebuild other things. But what he already has, no one can ever take it from him. It feels empty right now. But you mourn, then you pick it back up again. Quite frankly, that’s my boy. And I’m going to continue loving him.”

Aww yes, there’s the heartwarming parental support we came to soak up. So wholesome. So supportive.

With a dad like that, it’s no surprise Chris doesn’t sound ready to retire or give up on light heavyweight as his new division. Whether that’s smart or not? Let us know what you think in the comments, Maniacs.

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