Nate Diaz only focused on ‘BMF’ belt: “I’m not fighting for no title, they’re fighting for my title”

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With the ‘BMF’ title on the line in the main event of Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244, the man who created the belt, says it’s the only belt he’s focused on. In a taped interview with Ariel Helwani of ESPN, Diaz discussed why the ‘BMF’ title matters most and why he gives it the most importance.

For Nate Diaz, the fight against Jorge Masvidal is what the belt is all about, no matter what the UFC has their sights set on.

“I’m going to defend this fu**ing belt in Madison Square Garden against this motherf***er, cause he’s the best motherf***er, and I’m the best motherf***er, and the baddest motherf***er is going to go down. And that’s some real s**t and that’s a real show. I’m not going to sell some fake ‘I have an idea I’m gonna call somebody out’ I’m like no dude, who the hell wants to go fight the ‘BMF’ another ‘BMF’, like, I don’t want to fight jokers.”

There has been plenty of discussion about a ‘BMF’ division and other fighters who want to compete for the ‘BMF’ title, and even though the winner of Diaz vs Masvidal could be in the welterweight title picture, it’s only his title that Diaz cares about.

“I ain’t fighting for no title, they’re fighting for my title.” When asked if he had interest in the welterweight title, Diaz quickly told ESPN he has no interest, “as of right now.”

After once saying Diaz was not a needle mover, UFC President Dana White has changed his tune on Stockton’s own, and Diaz has realized that there is a show that needs to be put on.

“That title is right here. The truth shall set you free, this is all real s**t. That’s what I’m saying. I’m a showman right? That’s what I’m saying about that, I’m like oh, we’re supposed to put on a show. Like tell ’em whose ass you’re gonna whip next. Everybody’s putting on a fake show and I’m not into the fake shows. I feel like I can just say some real s**t, some honest stuff, that’s usually what works better.”

After bringing up the fact that he could be stealing shine from current UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, Nate Diaz turned the tables on Ariel Helwani and asked him an intriguing proposition.

“You’re in the organization fighting ok? You want gold right? Which gold do you want? Do you want 155, 170, 185, the ‘BMF’ belt, or 205?” Helwani answered he’d want the one that made him the most money because of the focus on prize fighting, suggesting that the ‘BMF’ title or the lightweight title are making the most money. “That’d be fair,” Nate Diaz said.

Then Helwani said if Diaz was to beat lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov it’d be a big deal, not only cause of the title but also because of the money that Nurmagomedov is making. “And if he beats me, it’s a big deal.”

After years of looking the other way on the star power of Nate Diaz, it seems that Diaz has gone all-in on himself and is doing what he feels needs to be done, in order to be the star of the show, whether the UFC likes it or not. No matter his thoughts, it can’t be ignored that the UFC is having a belt made for this fight, and The Rock could be there to present the belt to one of the winners.

What do you think of Nate Diaz caring more about the ‘BMF’ title than the welterweight title?

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