UFC 500th Milestones: Submission – McKenzie over LeVesseur

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But every once in a while, somebody comes up with a move that they’ve perfected over the years, and even when an opponent knows it’s coming, they still can’t escape. Think of Ovince Saint Preux and the Von Flue (or Von Preux) choke as an example.

Well, a couple years before OSP started pulling off his patented finisher, Cody McKenzie was doing the same thing with a guillotine choke that he referred to as the McKenzietine.

And boy, was it deadly.

“Yeah, it’s that good of a move,” he told me before his UFC debut against Aaron Wilkinson in 2010. “I’ve caught almost everybody in the world who I rolled with; there’s probably only ten guys who I haven’t and I can name them all. (Laughs) And a lot of those ten guys that just means that they haven’t rolled with me enough. If they trained with me a little more or sparred me MMA style, that’s when I think I can catch it best.”


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