Midnight Mania! UFC ‘Contender Series’ Heading To China

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Earlier today, Yahoo reported that UFC was looking to bring the most violent talent show in town — Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series — to another home in Shanghai, China. Shanghai already hosts a massive and state-of-the-art Performance Institute, which will now also serve as the hosting venue for the forthcoming Asian version of “Contender’s Series.”

UFC President Dana White had the following to say about this development, “One of my favorite parts of my job is looking for up-and-coming talent. There’s no area in the world right now with more potential MMA talent than Asia. We’re going to use Dana White’s Contender Series to find these fighters, develop them, and give them the opportunity to perform on the biggest stage in combat sports.”

There are still more details to come, but this really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Like most other major western businesses, the prospect of breaking into China is more than enticing, and UFC in particular has already invested heavily in the Middle Kingdom. Given Weili Zhang’s recent and sudden rise to champion status, this reads to me as an example of striking while the iron is hot.

If nothing else, it’s a move that promises to deliver some fun fights!


Look, Yoel Romero is not going to fight like a Super Saiyan forever. At some point, age will catch up, so let’s take this golden opportunity now and MAKE THIS FIGHT HAPPEN!

Yair Rodriguez is fishing for a major payday. It doesn’t really make sense or seem likely at all, but I will admit that watching Rodriguez and Conor McGregor trade flying kicks does sound like fun.

Shouldn’t these wings be dosed with CBD or have a Cuban spice blend? Something to actually relate it to our two main event stars?

Neck game strong.

Johnny Walker’s unique brand of goofy violence fits well with this art style.

Hell of a teep:

Michael Bisping made a hilariously bad decision and instantly paid for it.

Slips, rips, and KO clips

The variation of the guillotine known as the Ninja choke seems to be growing more and more popular. Once it’s locked in, the fight’s done!

Throwback Justin Gaethje violence, featuring some actual wrestling!

Does Saenchai have 300 professional wins yet? As I understand it, he’s retired from the highest level of Muay Thai, but the 39-year-old did pick up another knockout win over the weekend.

Random Land

Check back in tomorrow night for what is hopefully a dope collection of fighter Halloween costumes!

Yeah, it’s completely unnecessary and kind of weird, but neat is neat!

Midnight Music: An old blues song from one Abner Jay popped up on my Discovery Weekly playlist today. I can’t claim any previous knowledge about the work or life of “the last working Southern black minstrel,” but his Wikipedia page is pretty damn interesting.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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