Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev full fight video highlights

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Watch Canelo Alvarez vs. Sergey Kovalev full fight video highlights from the main event, courtesy of DAZN.

Canelo vs. Kovalev took place Nov. 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nev. Canelo Alvarez battled Sergey Kovalev for the WBO light heavyweight title in the main event, which aired live on DAZN. Catch video highlights below.

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Round 1: Kovalev comes out and throws a quick jab and tries to follow it up with some more as Canelo slides to his left to stay off the line. Kovalev probes with his jab some more but hasn’t pierced Canelo’s guard yet. Right hand goes to the body from Canelo. Canelo fighting behind a high, tight guard and slipping his head from side to side. Kovalev tries to physically push Canelo back once he can’t gets his punch to land. Canelo steps forward with a right hand upstairs that misses. Canelo keeping an active jab that’s mostly being used to keep Canelo at arms reach. Canelo seems to be feeling out Kovalev’s power on his gloves but now lands a clean counter left hand upstairs, then another one that grazes Kovalev’s chest. Honestly, Kovalev threw a lot more punches but Canelo actually landed the few clean ones. I’m going to edge this to Canelo. Canelo 10-9.

Round 2: Canelo comes out looking to slip Kovalev’s jab and has been doing a good job of it well. Kovalev lands a jab as Canelo tries to time a hook. Big left hook falls short for Canelo. Now Canelo lands a right to the body as he looks to walk forward. Right hand from Canelo tags the body again. Kovalev pokes with his jab but it just lands on Canelo’s guard. Canelo looks very comfortable in his defense before uncorking a big left to the body that misses. Left to the body scores for Canelo this time, followed by a short combination downstairs. Right hand from Kovalev lands on Canelo’s glove. Combination comes from Canelo and it doesn’t land clean but then he lands a nice body shot shortly after. Kovalev falls short on a right hand. Well, I still see Canelo landing the cleaner shots while he’s defending Kovalev’s punches well. Canelo 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Kovalev scores a jab to the body. Clean left hand scores for Kovaelv upstairs now. More jabs come from Kovalev as he tries to keep this an outside fight. Canelo isn’t pressing forward as much now and it’s allowing Kovalev to keep a rhythm with his jab. Left hook upstairs lands for Canelo but Kovalev scores a right. Jab to the body falls short for Canelo. Jab lands upstairs for Kovalev now, who I think is starting to score with that jab much better. RIght hand from Canelo grazes the body. Much more effective use of the jab for Kovalev here. Kovalev 10-9.

Round 4: Jab from Kovalev gets blocked but puts Canelo to the ropes. Canelo lunges with a lead left hook that doesn’t quite have the range. Kovalev eats a left hook from Canelo, who then tries to add in a couple more punches to follow it up. Kovalev jabs and steps to the side before jumping in to grab hold of Canelo to tie him up. Right hand from Kovalev lands on Canelo’s guard but Kovalev ties Canelo up once he steps in close. Kovalev scores a left to the body, the tries a sweeping right upstairs. Canelo tries to land an uppercut to the body but he’s not getting in close enough just yet. Kovalev throws three jabs as Canelo puts up his tight guard. Counter right to the body from Canelo grazes Kovalev’s body. I’m edging this one to Kovalev too. Kovalev 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Canelo pops a quick jab upstairs but only grazes Kovalev. Left hook from Canelo partially lands upstairs but Kovalev gets in a right hand to the body. Jab lands clean for Canelo as he puts Kovalev to the ropes and Kovalev immediately looks to hold. Hard left hook lands clean to the body for Canelo, then a right hand. Canelo is looking to damage the body as Kovalev tries to keep his left hand extended as often as possible. Right hand score for Canelo. Left hook lands upstairs for Canelo as he steps in. Another check hook lands for Canelo as Kovalev looks to go to the body. Close round. Canelo 10-9.

Round 6: Kovalev tries to work his jab as Canelo covers up with a tight guard. Kovalev continues to stay on the outside behind his jab and then pushes Canelo’s hand down. Left hook from Canelo doesn’t land clean as Kovalev covers up but Canelo throws a couple more hooks as Kovalev defends. Left lands to the body for Canelo then a sweeping right hand grazes as Kovalev looks to escape to his right. Canelo is stalking Kovalev and puts him towards the ropes and Kovalev grabs hold. Kovalev jabs but doesn’t land and Canelo steps forward and lands a clean left hook upstairs. Canelo throws two to the body and Kovalev ties up. Canelo 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Canelo tries to time a counter jab but doesn’t quite land it, but backs Kovalev up a little. Kovalev steps forward with an active jab and while he’s throwing it a lot, he’s not really landing it much to my eye. Canelo presses forward and lands a left hook upstairs again. Kovalev jabs to the body and grabs hold. Hard left to the body scores for Canelo. Kovalev throws three punches but they all glance off Canelo’s guard. Canelo is the smaller man but he’s been chasing the bigger guy around and I wonder what impression that’s leaving on the judges. Canelo slips a big shot from Kovalev at center ring. Left upstairs from Canelo partially lands. Canelo times another left hook upstairs. Canelo 10-9.

Round 8: Canelo blocks a left hook from Kovalev. Jab lands for Kovalev this time, then another as Canelo falls short on a couple hooks. Kovalev works the jab some more and then instinctively hunches over to protect his body and grabs Canelo. Kovalev pokes Canelo some more as he steps back to create space. Nice jab lands for Kovalev again. Canelo backs off as Kovalev has some success and he wants to reset the action. Canelo is bouncing around the ring now and trying to lure Kovalev to come towards him. Jab lands for Kovalev with Canelo on the ropes. Canelo times a left hook counter upstairs. Good round for Kovalev. Kovalev 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Jab comes from Kovalev to the head and body. Canelo misses on a left hook at mid-range. Kovaelv probes with a couple more straight shots as Canelo clips him with a left hook. Left to the body lands for Canelo but Kovalev lands one in return. Kovalev blatantly pushes Canelo with his should and gets a warning from the referee. Both fighters trade for a moment and Kovalev lands a counter right hand upstairs. Now Canelo lands a left hook to the body, then the head, then two more. Kovalev lands a clean jab to the head and steps back again. Counter right hand lands for Canelo again. To me the difference in this fight is that Kovalev is throwing a ton of jabs with middling success while Canelo is landing clean punches that are easy to see, knocking Kovalev’s head around. I think Canelo is landing the clearer, more effective punches. Canelo 10-9.

Round 10: Canelo steps forward and looks to land two big power shots that Kovalev just manages to evade. Kovalev gets warned again for blatant shoving. Canelo stalking Kovalev around the ring using a lot of head movement and then backs Kovalev to a corner and lands a right hand. Chopping right hand followed by a left hook to the body lands clean for Canelo. Kovalev is on the ropes and is showing at least some signs of distress, which is odd since he’s clearly much bigger than Canelo in the ring. Kovalev throws some pitty-pat punches that mostly land on Canelo’s guard but then lands some clean jabs to the body — that was some good work. Kovalev is keeping up the jab and then ties up Canelo immedaitely. Canelo rips off a combination that grazes Kovalev. I’ll edge this round to Kovalev for his more consistent work with the jab. Kovalev 10-9, 94-96.

Round 11: Canelo comes out hunting for Kovalev and starts looking to strafe him with power shots. Kovalev skips to the side as Canelo lands a body shot. Chopping right hand from Canelo just misses. Referee warns Kovalev to keep it clean once again with the pushing and grabbing. Jab lands clean for Canelo upstairs, then a hook. Hard right hand lands down to the body for Kovalev and Kovalev’s body quivers. Kovalev throws a couple of punches to back Canelo off but Canelo calmly slips the attack and lands a chopping right hand, THEN ANOTHER RIGHT HAND ACROSS THE CHIN AND KOVALEV IS DOWN AND OUT! CANELO KO-11.

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