William Knight happy with CES 59 win, but wants to be a more active fighter

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At CES 59 on October 25, heavyweight William Knight continued his winning ways with a first round TKO of Jamelle Jones.

The win gives Knight a six-fight winning streak to start off his career, with finishes in all six of his victories.

“I did what I usually do,” Knight told MMAWeekly.com. “It was a last-minute opponent (in Jones), but nothing changed. I just went out there and did my original stuff and got the win.”

While Knight picked up his fourth first round victory, he admits he made mistakes and it took him a little bit to find where Jones was his weakest.

“I wanted to keep standing and get in and out, land and move, (Jones) timed my kicks, took me down, and it was a defensive scramble from there,” said Knight. “Grinding from the bottom is one of my specialties. I can grind you out offensively and defensively.

“I figured out where the sweet spot was, on the left side of him, and that’s where everything started to fall into play. He is dominant on his right side, and that’s where you saw the alteration (in my strategy) and got things going and finished the fight.”

When it comes to his 2019, Knight is for the most part pleased with how he’s performed in his fights, but he would have liked to have been more active, and is looking to pick up an additional bout before year’s end.

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“Right now I’m comfortable in my overall year, but I believe I could have fought more,” Knight said. “The opportunities were there, but I can’t force my opponents to show up. That’s twice my opponents didn’t show this year.

“I believed I would have four or five fights this year, but it didn’t go that way. Overall it’s been a great experience, but other than I want to keep fighting and be active, and this year I really wasn’t active. I only had three fights (so far), as opposed to 2017 where I had eight fights in one year.”

For Knight it’s not so much where he fights in 2020 that matters to him as much as how often he fights that determines how successful a year it will be.

“I know a lot of people say jump to the UFC, but like I tell people, that’s their dream to say they did it, but I’m not that kind of fighter; I like to stay active,” said Knight. “There’s guys in the UFC, that’s a pretty solid roster, and not everybody can fight on a card. You’ve got to wait your turn, and to be honest I don’t like waiting.

“To be able to fight locally on anything UFC Fight Pass, with the contract I have, I’m happy for it. I’m happy if I can fight four, five, or six times in one year.”

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