Joe Rogan & Israel Adesanya Agree Jorge Masvidal Is ‘World Championship Caliber’

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Jorge Masvidal Nate Diaz
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You won’t get an argument against Jorge Masvidal being “championship caliber” from Joe Rogan and Israel Adesanya.

Masvidal has been on a three-fight tear. He’s knocked out Darren Till and Ben Askren, and he earned a TKO victory via doctor’s stoppage over Nate Diaz. While many would’ve described Masvidal as a journeyman before his current stretch, “Gamebred” has begun to establish himself as a top UFC welterweight.

Rogan & Adesanya Praise Masvidal For Current Run

UFC middleweight champion, Adesanya, appeared on the JRE podcast. During his appearance, he and Rogan showered Masvidal with praise (via

“I feel like Masvidal is world championship caliber,” Rogan said. “100%”

“100%,” Adesanya agreed. “I’ve been a fan of that guy since way back. Everyone’s just finding out now, Street Jesus. I’m not a hispter like ‘oh, I knew him before he was cool man,’ I don’t want to be that guy, but I like his resurrection. I like how he rebranded himself. You have to do that. I see it in movies, I see actors do it, entertainment, you rebrand, new package, and then boom.”

Rogan went on to say that Masvidal has made significant changes to realize his full potential.

“He’s a different person now,” Rogan said, sharing his belief that Masvidal has reached his potential. “Now he’s what he could have been. He is potential realized. He’s at 100% right now…”

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