Pic! Gordon Suffers Broken Orbital In KO Loss To Oliveira

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It turns out that lightweight prospect Jared Gordon suffered more than just a knockout defeat to Charles Oliveira earlier this month at UFC Fight Night 164 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

According to Gordon, who lasted just 86 seconds inside of the cage with Oliveira, he suffered a broken left orbital at the hands of “do Bronx.” The damage most likely occurred from the first punch that Oliveira landed in the finishing sequence, but the additional uppercut and right hand probably didn’t help.

Gordon detailed the injury in the following Instagram post:

“Turns out I broke my left orbital last Saturday. I had an orbital repair in 2015 as shown in the pictures above. This wasn’t nearly as painful as 2015 but the fracture is touching the nerve and I cant feel the left side of my face. Surgery is possible if the muscle is entrapped. Further testing will tell if I need urgent surgery or not. All I want to do is get back in there. I’ll never quit. My life is far from a smooth ride to where I want to go. I try and usually fail until I accomplish anything. Why would this be different? Life on life’s terms…”

Gordon, 31, suffered a similar injury back in 2015 in which his right orbital was repaired with surgery. While this new injury isn’t as painful as his last, “Flash” is still considering going under the knife for a full repair. Gordon will await further testing before deciding if surgery is the best option.

While this type of injury is difficult to deal with for any fighter, it’s especially frustrating for Gordon given the fact that the New York native has lost three out of his last four Octagon appearances. Gordon was hoping to return early next year to avenge his recent loss to Oliveira but will now have to wait even longer.

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