Logan Paul Says He’s Speaking To Tito Ortiz On Potential MMA Run

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Logan Paul
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Logan Paul is talking to Tito Ortiz on potentially dipping his toes in the MMA waters.

Paul is a popular YouTuber with two boxing matches. Paul had an amateur boxing match with fellow Internet sensation KSI, which ended in a draw. The two had a rematch, which was a professional bout. KSI earned the split decision win in their second encounter.

Logan Paul Speaking With Tito Ortiz, MMA Run Incoming?

Speaking to DAZN, Paul claimed that he’s talking to Ortiz about possibly competing in MMA.

“We were talking about MMA honestly,” Paul said. “Boxing is cool, but I feel like my future is in MMA.”

Ortiz told Little Giant Boxing that he thinks Paul is in the right frame of mind to potentially make something happen in the MMA world.

“When a young guy like that who happened just to have a bright mind and strong and wanna work hard, it’s good to see,” he said.

“You wanna make sure you build guys the right way. When they’re young, they gotta be built the right way, they gotta do the right things so I couldn’t give an opponent. I wanna make sure how good he was in MMA in general.”

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