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In the lead-up to January 18’s blockbuster UFC 246 pay-per-view event in Las Vegas, we take a look back at some of Conor McGregor’s greatest quotes.

UFC 205 press conference: “Who da fook is that guy?”

This is one of the most memorable quotes in UFC history. The UFC brought together many of the stars of UFC 205 for a press conference including McGregor and his opponent, UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. Featherweight Jeremy Stephens, who fought Frankie Edgar that night, was another fighter at the presser and called McGregor out. In response to Stephens, McGregor uttered the infamous phrase “Who da fook is that guy?” It’s one of the most hilarious quotes ever uttered by a UFC fighter, and it sent the entire audience and the other fighters on stage into teras of laughter.

UFC 178 post-fight Octagon interview: “You can call me mystic mac because I predict these things.”

In the lead-up to his fight against Dustin Poirier at UFC 178, McGregor predicted that he would knock his opponent out in the first round. He did just that, and in the post-fight Octagon interview with Joe Rogan he uttered the famous “Mystic Mac” phrase which has become of his nicknames in the years since.

UFC Go Big press conference in 2015: “Break out the red panties.”

The UFC often gets together all the big stars of upcoming pay-per-views, and it did just that in September 2015 for the Go Big press conference. McGregor and former rival Rafael dos Anjos got into a verbal sparring session, with McGregor telling RDA that he would make him rich and that anytime you fight McGregor you go back home to your wife and say break out the red panties.

What is your favorite quote from Conor McGregor? If we missed any of your favorites be sure to leave a comment below with your top picks.

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