Costa’s Debut Was A Perfect Learning Experience

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And yeah, this is a sporting event, but he doesn’t forget that it’s a fight too, something he found out about against Davis.

“My pro and amateur career combined up to that, I had never even been punched, ever,” Costa laughs. “I got punched that fight and that was fun. I used to call those people who liked getting hit lunatics; now I feel like I’m one of them and I can’t wait to get back in there and dance. It’s gonna be awesome.”

Yeah, Costa’s cut from a different cloth from most, which should mean his hometown fans should be out in force to watch him do this thing in TD Garden.

“I’ve been in the UFC for six months and my last fight at home was just in January, so it hasn’t been that long and this feeling isn’t that weird, but to be able to say I’m fighting at TD Garden is bananas,” he said. “I was selling out the local shows, I brought 80 to 100 people down to Atlanta with me, so this place, it’s gonna be rocking. This is where the Bruins play. I get to fight there? People are gonna be sitting in the 300 section to watch this random Costa kid fight? It’s gonna be insane.”

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