Boston Salmon To Use His Past To Fuel His Future

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Speaking of his name, how does a kid from Hawaii end up with a name from a city more than 5,000 miles away?

Simple: his dad is a big Boston sports fan.

Ironically, his parents had never made it to Beantown until this past April. They touched down in the city for this first time and took in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park before heading to Atlanta for their son’s fight.

As for his opponent, Salmon holds Randy Costa up with a high amount of respect. The two nearly fought previously, but when both competed at UFC 236, they became fast friends. Costa described Salmon as “wicked cool,” and Salmon offered Costa a place to stay should he ever end up in Las Vegas, where Salmon lives and trains.

That said, Salmon might find himself hard-pressed to find a friendly voice in TD Garden on fight night due to Costa’s Massachusetts roots.

Or, as Salmon argues, maybe not?

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