Brendan Schaub Believes Greg Hardy Should Get UFC Boston Win Back

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Greg Hardy
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Brendan Schaub doesn’t agree with the quick decision to have Greg Hardy’s UFC Boston win overturned.

Hardy competed on the main card of UFC Boston this past Friday night (Oct. 18). He went one-on-one with Ben Sosoli. While Hardy initially scored a unanimous decision victory, the result was changed to a No Contest. That’s because Hardy used an inhaler in his corner before the start of the final round.

Schaub Says Hardy Should Get His Win Back

Taking to his Below The Belt podcast, Schaub touched on the controversy surrounding Hardy’s last outing.

“None of this falls on Greg Hardy or his team. Cause if you’re Greg Hardy and you write before every fight that [you had] any surgeries, any medications, he filled it all out. He put that he takes this inhaler. He’s also been taking this inhaler, if I’m not mistaken, since high school. He’s always had asthma, that’s just what he does. He’s always taken it, the NFL not a big deal, right? So he puts it on the paper, I’m sure he’s used it before other fights so he puts it on there. That’s all he can do. That’s it. He’s been tested how many times by USADA? Never tested positive for anything while using this inhaler. If he does have asthma, that means he’s using it all the time, right?”

The Massachusetts State Athletic Commission revealed that Hardy did not request the use of his inhaler prior to UFC Boston, which explains their decision to overturn the result. Schaub feels the effects weren’t drastic enough and thinks Hardy should get his win back.

“So he’s never had any issues with it. Then you go to Boston, I love Boston but the commission’s a little bit of a sh*tshow so they go, ‘you’re good.’ What else is he supposed to do? What’s he supposed to do? And then I know Dana went hard on Din Thomas, but if you’re Din Thomas you went, ‘okay let’s see so we met with the commission, filled out the paperwork, we wrote it down, the commissioner said we’re good.’ It’s not on Din Thomas, it’s not on Greg Hardy to go, ‘we better look more into it, man.’ No the commissioner, who regulates the fighting governing body here said, ‘we’re good.’

“There’s nothing else for anybody to do. So it’s not on Dana, it’s not on Din Thomas, it’s not on Greg Hardy. It’s on the Boston commission. So it’s a sh*tty deal. I actually think they’re gonna look at this case and grant him the win again. It’s so rare they ever do anything, but this is such a sh*tshow that’s what they should do.”

UFC VP of Regulatory Affairs, Marc Ratner, said that an inspector allowed Hardy to use the inhaler in his corner, not a commissioner. The inspector didn’t have the authority to grant Hardy the exception.

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