Watch The Full UFC 244 ‘Countdown’ Video For Diaz Vs. Masvidal

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After a week of extreme anxiety, we’re happy to report that UFC 244’s main event remains intact: Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will meet at Madison Square Garden on November 2nd to determine who is the Baddest Motherf**ker (BMF). Of course, you never know what may happen in this final week, especially in New York City. But let’s dispel any negative worries by enjoying the full UFC 244 ‘Countdown’ show that just popped up on the UFC’s official YouTube channel.

Nate Diaz came off the bench after a three year hiatus from the sport to defeat Anthony Pettis decisively at UFC 241 in August. We’ve always considered Nate one of the most interesting figures in the sport and on this night in Anaheim he solidified himself as a legit needle moving star in the eyes of fans and (more importantly) UFC brass.

Jorge Masvidal is on one hell of a tear, having taken the head off Ben Askren and earning the fastest knockout in UFC history. Previous to that he flatlined Darren Till in the Brit’s backyard, and then delivered a three piece and soda to Leon Edwards in a backstage altercation that only elevated the legend of “Street Jesus.”

The UFC 244 undercard is pure fire as well, and the Countdown show takes us inside the camps of Kelvin Gastelum and Darren Till as they prepare for their middleweight scrap. Till is moving up in weight to challenge Gastelum, whose last fight was a knock down drag out war with new middleweight champ Israel Adesanya. “The Gorilla” will have to dig deep to pull this one off.

We can’t wait for this one. Make sure to join us for full coverage including play-by-play, highlights, and all the post-event news.

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