Johnny Walker is the Definition of Unpredictable

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“Without money, without (speaking) English, without a house, (I’m) like homeless, I kept training, kept doing my best,” Walker said. “Running on the beach in the cold because Scotland is cold. My coach helped me to survive there.”

In spite of those difficult circumstances, Walker won his first fight in London in February 2018. The next month, he racked up another victory. A mere six days later, Walker flew to Belgium to fight a heavyweight bout and came away with a first-round finish. That trio of victories led to the Brazil edition of Dana White’s Contender Series and, despite some confusion that led to a poorly-timed meal, Walker earned a UFC contract.

“I thought I had time to digest, but then I fought with my full stomach,” Walker said. “I threw up a lot after the fight, but I won, I got the contract, and now I’m here.”

And now that Walker is here, he intends to continue to follow the precedent he set when he moved to the UK. Walker has spent time in Thailand and Russia, and he intends to continue to travel the world to learn more about different countries and their martial arts. This worldliness and willingness to learn adds more fuel to his unpredictable nature, making him the real force that he is at 205 pounds.

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