Eddie Alvarez to teach Ben Simmons MMA after hectic NBA brawl

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Eddie Alvarez has found himself a new apprentice. The former UFC champion is going to teach his MMA skills to basketball star Ben Simmons, following the crazy NBA brawl.

Philadelphia 76er, Joel Embiid went head-to-head with Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns during a basketball match. As the fight ensured, fellow basketball players, rallied around the bust-up including Ben Simmons. The 76er point guard administered a rear-naked choke to Towns, forcing him to ‘tap out’. Watch the full clip below:

The Underground King‘ gave his analysis on Wednesday’s big 76ers vs. Timberwolves NBA scrap in an interview with TMZ:

“Embiid had inside control. Karl goes for the headlock and Embiid lowers his centre of gravity right away, shifts his weight and wins the grappling exchange. Then he goes off to the crowd and gets the crowd all (hyped), Embiid’s about that life,” he laughed.

“Right after that, you see another massive mistake from Karl. Karl puts his hands to the floor, he’s on the ground. That’s a no-no in any jiu-jitsu room, you never put your hands on the floor.  As soon as he does that, he turns his back, Ben takes advantage, gets back control, throws an arm in and you clearly see a tap.”

The ONE championship fighter mocked Karl-Anthony Towns for his ‘tap out’ whilst praising the Philadelphia 76ers as top-notch fighters. He revealed his plans to meet and train with the team:

“Fundamentally, Embiid is just a better fighter and they’re only going to get better. I already talked to Ben, we’ve already got something worked out. I am headed down there next week.

“I already spoke to Ben briefly last night. We’re about to get together and get this going.

“Fundamentally we’re already good, we just gotta clean up a bit of technique and then no team will be able to mess with us again, I promise you.”

Watch Eddie Alvarez’ interview below:

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