Dana White Talks Significance Of President Trump Attending UFC 244

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The sport of mixed martial arts has come a long way, and UFC 244 was the icing on the cake for Dana White.

United States President Donald Trump has always been known to be a fight fan and he was able to attend UFC 244 inside Madison Square Garden in New York City last night (Nov. 2). The UFC boss, White, has said that he supports Trump as POTUS. Regardless of how you feel about politics, White feels Trump’s appearance at UFC 244 is highly significant.

Dana White Talks Significance Of Donald Trump At UFC 244

White told reporters during the UFC 244 post-fight press conference that Trump’s appearance symbolizes the growth of mixed martial arts (via MMAJunkie.com).

“Tonight wasn’t about how you feel politically about the president,” White said. “We weren’t legal in New York because of some political (expletive) a few years ago. Tonight, the President of the United States was here, watching a UFC event.

“They wanted him in a suite, of course, (but) he doesn’t listen to them. He does what he wants to do. But yeah, they wanted him in a suite. I’m not an expert in security, but I think it’s a lot easier to protect him in a suite than it is in the second row. But, again, testament to our fans. It’s our President. It’s the President of the United States, man. And tonight I was happy and proud that the crowd here in New York treated him with respect and just made the night so much cooler. Everything was so cool tonight.”

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