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UFC 244 had a main event that was for the title of “Baddest Mother F—-ker” (BMF) but ended in a fashion that had both Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz calling for a rematch. The cuts above and below the right eye of Diaz would have the bout end by doctor’s stoppage after three rounds that Masvidal seemed to be getting the better of. Fight fans know Diaz as a competitor that turns things around in the later rounds, usually with his face bloodied from cuts but he never got to do that when the fight was stopped in round three.

The thing about any fighter considered a BMF is that if their heart is still in the fight, they will want to continue no matter what injury is incurred during the bout. While that may make for great entertainment, referees and doctors are there to keep them safe from their own competitive nature. One doctor helped shed some light on the situation.

Brian Sutterer, MD helped explain Donald Cerrone’s stoppage at UFC 238 and he was watching UFC 244 and put out some information on what a doctor looks for when assessing damage like Diaz had on his eye. One thing Sutterer explains is that “a lot of times people incorrectly equate blood with severity. Thinking that if there’s not a lot of blood, that means it’s not as severe and that’s not true at all.”

Sutterer adds that “when the doctor is examining the cut here he’s really looking at a few things. He’s pushing on the area of swelling to see if there’s any air that’s developed underneath the skin, which would be much more concerning. He’s looking at how deep the cut is, he’s looking at how wide the cut is and then, he’s also taking into consideration the fighter’s ability to protect themselves.”

Both Diaz and Masvidal have made it clear, for guys like them to consider a fight a loss, they have to be stopped. Removed from consciousness by submission or knockout, anything outside of that they feel does not count. While that may be what makes them BMF’s, that’s not what any commission wants to see happen if they can help a fighter have a long career. 

Understanding the stoppage may help accept the result of UFC 244, but it still leaves room for a rematch when the outcome came from something not as final as an absolute victory at the hands of Masvidal or Diaz.

After the dust has settled from UFC 244, do you think the stoppage was sound?

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