Rogan: I want Bellator to grow into a full UFC rival like PRIDE was

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The UFC has enjoyed no clear Frazier to its Ali since the fall of PRIDE in 2007. However, under the leadership of Scott Coker, Bellator is rising. Some economists argue that every business strives to be a monopoly, and that it never lasts; if that’s true, then the rise of a rival is not just possible, it’s inevitable.

Commentator Joe Rogan is very closely associated with the UFC brand, but above all that, he loves combat sports, loves competition, and on the latest JRE podcast said he hopes Bellator gives the UFC a run.

“I like it. I like that the fighters are having a good time over there. They get paid well,” said Rogan, as transcribed by Nathan Zur for Sherdog. “I want it to grow. I want it to be right up there with the UFC. I would love it if it was a full rival like PRIDE was.”

“I love [Bellator MMA President Scott] Coker. I like what he’s doing. I’m somehow or another supposed to be in competition with Bellator. I say that’s horses***. I’m the one who got Jimmy Smith hired [by the UFC]. I tried to get him hired years ago. I love the fact that ‘Big’ John is over there now, and ‘Goldie’ is too. And Mauro, I love Mauro. They’ve got great fighters over there.

“I love that Rory MacDonald’s over there. He’s the champ. If he’s not the best welterweight in the world, it’s him and Tyron. He’s most certainly one of the best. Mousasi is one go the best 185ers in the world, if not the best. They have legit claim to world-class fighters now in at least two weight classes.”


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