Danny Roberts Ready To Defy The Odds

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Roberts has earned that confidence with the experience he’s gained, which includes bouts against Mike Perry, Nordine Taleb and Claudio Silva – three stalwarts of the welterweight division.

“There’s no stress. The past is the past and we can’t change that,” Roberts said. “Putting that pressure on ourselves isn’t a good thing to do. Keeping my mind clear is the goal.”

Roberts arrived to Moscow a couple days early so he could make adjustments to the time changes and have a smooth fight week. It’s helped him achieve a clear mind, but whether it’s relaxed or not is a different story.

The mention of Imadaev’s style and the type of fight that this could be made Roberts stand up a little straighter in his chair.

“These are the type of fights I relish. They’re the ones I love and live for because they push me to the edge, to test myself and see where my heart and mind are,” Roberts said.

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