Nutritionist: Till can make 170 with ease for years to come

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Darren Till lost a fight Saturday night vs. UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Till missed weight for the #1 contender fight, and had missed three fights back, so the UFC had Kamaru Usman weigh in as back up. Going into the fight Till said he would win, defend once, then move up to, he was less certain one way or the other.

However, his nutritionist, Eoghan Gallagher, appeared recently on Peter Carroll’s surging Eurobash podcast, and said Till can stay at welter for the foreseeable future, if he has a mind to.

“[The weight cut] did go extremely well in the end,” said Gallagher, as transcribed by Peter Carroll for MMA Fighting. “I was very confident [he would make weight] and I think he can make 170 with ease for years to come, it’s just all about what his preference is moving forward.”

“We are absolutely confident that when you put in a system that looks to achieve goals over a certain period of time and don’t leave everything to the last minute, like a lot of people do, [Till can make the weight]. I only got to work with Darren [for a short period of time]. I met him and 20 days later he was 169 pounds, which was significantly less than what I got him at.”

“Ideally, what I’d like to do moving forward is spend six to eight weeks with him in Liverpool in a much longer camp than this one, obviously this was a short-notice fight. I’d look to get the weight down earlier, get him a bit slimmer — a little bit less aggressive than I had to do it this time. I’d get the weight down slowly, making the cut in the end extremely easy.”

“This cut was super easy. The actual water cut itself did not take a significant amount of time. When he jumped on the scales and we saw 170, his teammate Mike Grundy and I were there, we were all together and it was a really emotional moment for us. We just hugged it out and we were like, ‘Wow’. Absolutely, Darren can make 170 with ease with the systems that we have in place.”

(24:00 mark)

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