What Is QUINTET Ultra?

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The last time QUINTET was in America, QUINTET 3 brought the fans Sakuraba’s favorite round to date when the voice of Eddie Bravo echoed throughout the arena as he shouted directions to Team 10th Planet’s freaks as they went head to head with Craig Jones, Daniel Strauss and the rest of the standouts from Team Polaris.

With every man who was supposed to win, there was a counter. No win was easy, small took on large, draws, the whole package. It was everything Sakuraba could have imagined when putting together the concept for QUINTET.

“There were so many upsets and overturns,” Sakuraba said. “You think it’s going to go this way and it went that way and it kept going back and forth, you really didn’t know who was going to win until the very last guy and there were lots of submissions, lots of different techniques, lots of different combinations of techniques. There was a flavor to each team but, at the same time, there was a different flavor to each individual’s color and style. It was very exciting to watch.”

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