Tracy Cortez Does Everything For Family

UFC News

Debuting in Sao Paulo against a Brazilian is a tough task, but it’s a task that Cortez is thrilled to take on.

Melo recently made her debut at UFC Mexico City against bantamweight contender Irene Aldana. Despite dropping the contest against Aldana, Melo showed that she is more than happy to scrap with the best.

Cortez believes that this fight is a great opportunity to prove to the UFC, other fighters and fight fans that she deserves to be in this position. It’s the perfect test for Cortez and she plans on passing with flying colors.

“I feel like everything is still at stake because this is just the beginning,” Cortez said. “So, I really have to showcase my skills to show that I belong here.”

Cortez doesn’t think that she will be as emotional as she was that night on Dana White’s Contender Series, but that doesn’t mean that her family won’t be on her mind.

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