Mandalorian: Guys Weren’t Ready For Carano Kicks

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I’m a fan of Disney, Star Wars, and mixed martial arts (MMA) pioneer Gina Carano, so imagine my nerdgasm when I heard that all three were coming together for one show, “The Mandalorian,” now streaming on Disney+, the latest entry into the “cut the cord” movement.

Because ditching cable and signing up for 17 different streaming services is so much cheaper.

Carano plays “Cara Dune” in the eight-episode series, described as a “badass” ex-rebel shock trooper who fought under the Rebellion. We’re already two episodes in and no sign of “Conviction” just yet, but perhaps this Friday’s entry will introduce us to Dune.

“She’s great because she’s been in martial arts,” stunt coordinator Ryan Watson said. “If you have someone like her, you can actually say, ‘Well, how would you beat this person up?’ She has good hands and she has really heavy kicks, some of the guys weren’t ready [laughs].”

Carano, who broke ground with her Cristiane Justino main event back in 2009, helped launched the women’s MMA movement and paved the way for future stars like former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey. Sadly, her loss to “Cyborg” was the last time Carano stepped foot inside the cage.

Probably because she continues to land high-profile acting gigs like “The Mandalorian.”

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