QUINTET Ultra: Chad Mendes

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Once knockouts are taken out of the picture, competition doesn’t have to feel so intense.

“All in all, everybody’s probably thinking the same thing I am, I’d imagine,” Mendes said. “This whole thing is a little more laid back than the fight game, we get to go in there and just have some fun and compete and grapple and If I can get in there and grapple with a dude like Sakuraba I think that’s going to be my highlight.”

It’s a new height for Mendes that came after his MMA career and he’s made it very clear that it’s going to be hard to top.

QUINTET Ultra may be the new standard to beat to bring Chad Mendes back into competition but it’s not going to be an easy mark to reach.

“I’m sure everybody’s probably pretty pumped,” Mendes said. “Leading into this with the anticipation I have, this is definitely up there. This is probably right below fighting for the UFC world title in my mind with the names attached to this thing.”

Find out why Chad “Money” Mendes compares QUINTET Ultra to his Fight of the Year performance against Jose Aldo at UFC 179, His first crack at UFC gold at UFC 142 and his UFC 189 bout against Conor McGregor by tuning in on December 12 at 7 p.m. ONLY on UFC FIGHT PASS!

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