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MMA analyst and fighting veteran, Josh Thomson discusses his predictions for this Saturday’s blockbuster Bellator London event with’s Natasha Hooper.

During the interview, Thomson also explained why UFC President Dana White is scared of engaging in a cross-promotion fight and who he believes would win in Bellator vs UFC showdown.

When asked which fight Thomson is most looking forward to at Bellator London, he said:

“You know I’m most looking forward to the Fabian Edwards and Mike Shipman fight. It’s a big step up for Fabian. For Fabian, so far, he’s been skating by. He’s been lulled to sleep by the guys he fights. He’s so good, that he’s been so relaxed to the point where he’s taking it for granted as he’s been fighting guys he knows he can beat.

“This fight right here is a good step up. It’s a fight that’s going to challenge him in all the aspects that he needs to be challenged. He needs to be challenged to see if he can handle the pressure of someone who’s going to walk through him like Shipman. Someone who’s going to try to walk through his punches, and stay inside the kicking range so Fabian can’t use his kicks. He’s (Shipman) going to press him to the fence and make it a dirty, grimy, fight and we’re going to have to see how Fabian handles that.

“The two of them know each other pretty well. They’ve been fighting on the same circuit for a long time, Fabian’s teammate (Yannick Bahati) has fought Shipman.

“Going into it, they both know what to expect, but the thing is, nothing simulates the fight like the fight. You can’t prepare for that in training. As much as Fabian says he’s prepared for it. He won’t be prepared for it as much as he thinks he is.”

Michael 'Venom' Page

In the headlining fight, UK star Michael “Venom” Page was scheduled to fight American fighter, Derek Anderson. The volume striker pulled out due to a groin injury and has been replaced by new Bellator fighter, Giovanni Melillo. Josh Thomson thinks the unique fighting style of Page is a monumental challenge for even the best opponents. He said:

“MVP” is a different beast. Now people want to talk about his fight (loss) against Douglas Lima? You’re talking about probably the greatest (Lima) welterweight in the business right now.

Who are you picking to win at tomorrow’s Bellator event in London? Sound off in the comments below!

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