Mayweather Sr. Will ‘Whup Dana White’s Ass’ If Floyd Jr. Takes A UFC Fight

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Floyd Mayweather is returning to action in 2020, reportedly for two more fights. There’s nothing set in stone, but TMZ Sports recently claimed Manny Pacquiao is a frontrunner, and a ‘UFC crossover’ could be in the cards as well. Pictures of Floyd sitting next to UFC president Dana White shortly before announcing his comeback only fanned the flames of that particular rumor.

The whole thing seemed to come out of nowhere and was a surprise to many … including, as it turns out, Floyd Mayweather Sr.

FightHubTV caught up with the elder Mayweather to discuss the recent news and OG Floyd admitted he learned about the unretirement the same way we did: through the headlines.

”We usually talk but I ain’t heard nothing from him,” Mayweather Sr. said. “It’s a big surprise to me.”

As for whether the 67 year old was supportive of his son’s latest return to boxing?

”I don’t want … it ain’t the same,” he said. “It’s not the same, I’m just saying. You got things that Floyd can do, a lot of other things other than … and they said he was saying something about getting into that … what that thing called?”

The Octagon. It’s called the Octagon.

”It better not be the MMA,” Floyd Sr. said before interviewer Marcos Villegas said he didn’t think Jr. would do that.

“You don’t think Floyd would take nothing like that?” Mayweather Sr. asked with a smile. “I don’t think he’d take it either because I’d go in there and whup Dana White’s ass! F**k yeah I will. I’d whup the s**t out of him. Even though Floyd is a grown man, I’d be the grown one that’d take over that. Sure will.”

So let this be a warning to both Dana White and Floyd Jr.

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