Ricky Simon Wants To End 2019 On A High-Note

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Not many people are calling for a fight with the New England slugger, but fighting all comers has always been Simon’s M.O. So what was it about Font? It’s not really a style thing, it’s a number thing, as the 27-year-old is looking right at his opponent’s number 10 ranking.

“At the time we were looking at who had fights and who didn’t, and when you’re looking at the top 15 or even outside the top 15, there are so many killers at bantamweight, but I feel like this is a great matchup for me as well, especially with someone ranked so high.”

Simon speaks of killers in his weight class like it’s a good thing. He laughs.

“My goal is to be in the top ten this year and it’s awesome that there are so many killers around but, at the same time, you go on a two-fight losing streak, you gotta be worried about your job,” he said. “But we just want to fight the toughest guys and keep breaking through the rankings.”

And with a win on December 7, he can cap off 2019 with a 2-1 record, a wedding and a honeymoon to remember. Not a bad 12 months at all.

“It’s definitely been an exciting year,” he said. “I broke into the top 15, I got married to my best friend and I got to fight a Hall of Famer in his hometown. So it’s definitely been very exciting, to say the least. But we’re not done yet. My goal is to break the top ten this year and start making my climb towards the belt next year. We’re gonna end this year right on track.”

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