UFC Visits Iconic Locations In Washington D.C.

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“That was, by far, my favorite part of the day,” Carmouche said of participating in the wreath laying. “Knowing the history of all the fallen soldiers and people who lost their lives, to think I can come back here, I’ve studied and seen movies on it, but I never actually saw the ceremony first-hand. It was amazing that I had any participation in it.

For Gaethje, it was his first time in Washington D.C. As a kid from a small town in Arizona, he was amazed to see all the operations in the nation’s capital. His favorite part of the day was the Q&A because of the connections he was able to make with the troops.

Gaethje spoke about his lifestyle as an MMA fighter and how he lives by a few certain principles and codes. This, of course, is something the troops could relate to.

“My favorite part was the Q&A, just being able to interact,” Gaethje said. “We have no job without the fans and they have no fights without us, so it’s cool to come together. Nobody is special, everyone is normal and you’re a product of your choices. So that’s all I was trying to get through.”

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