Jorge Masvidal slings dirt from his past with Colby Covington as verbal war continues

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Colby Covington has to worry about Kamaru Usman this weekend at UFC 245, but he’s already landed in the crosshairs of the “baddest motherf—er” in the game.

Jorge Masvidal took to Twitter on Thursday to unleash a series of messages aimed at his American Top Team teammate and former friend after their relationship fractured and dissolved earlier this year.

Covington had taken shots at Masvidal in a prior interview with MMAFighting where he referred to him as “street Judas” while responding to claims that he failed to pay his boxing coach following a win over Rafael dos Anjos in 2018.

Masvidal dug through the history books to come back at Covington while slinging dirt from their past when they were friends and training partners under the same group of coaches in Florida.

The first saw Masvidal call Covington a “sell out” after he essentially gave up on their friendship to gain a little extra notoriety as he relished his heel role in the UFC.

He continued with a shot at Covington over an alleged incident that happened in south Florida followed by jabs about a particularly rough training session with teammate Gleison Tibau.

The final message from Masvidal targeted American Top Team employee John Hartnett, who also came under fire from UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in the past as well. Hartnett is one of the gym managers at American Top Team and he’s worked closely with Covington during his rise up the welterweight ranks.

Judging by his messages on Thursday, Masvidal is aiming at a showdown with Covington at some point after UFC 245 gets wrapped up. If Covington is able to claim the undisputed welterweight title in the main event, it would certainly make a fight against Masvidal a highly marketable event for the UFC in 2020.

Kamaru Usman claims Colby Covington has declined to fight him on four occasions

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