Justin Gaethje Laughs at Dana White Saying McGregor Would Get Title Shot Before Him

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Justin Gaethje
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Justin Gaethje has
some strong words for Dana White following White’s assertion that Conor
Mcgregor will face Khabib Nurmagomedov next if he defeats Donald Cerrone at UFC

Even though Conor McGregor has not won a mixed martial arts battle since 2016 and Justin Gaethje is on a three-fight KO winning streak, it is McGregor, not Gaethje, who is closer to a title shot at reigning lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov according to Dana White. Justin Gaethje once believed that White would never let such a thing fly, but it would seem the cold slap of reality has made contact with Gaethje, as he took to Twitter to respond to Dana White’s rhetoric.

“Lol at @danawhite“If
Conor gets through Cowboy”… what a crock of shit,” Gaethje tweeted.

There are two possible things that could be the cause of Gaethje’s amusement. First, he could be laughing at the hypothetical “if,” as if to say that Conor McGregor will surely get past Donald Cerrone, and thus White might as well be gifting McGregor the title shot, which is a “crock of shit.”

Gaethje could also be laughing at the perceived absurdity of the entire situation, carrying the belief that Conor McGregor winning a welterweight fight against the man Gaethje himself just defeated should not even remotely put Mcgregor ahead of him for a title shot. But regardless of what prompted the laughter, it seems clear that Gaethje is laughing on the inside and frustrated at the very least on the inside.

Dana White recently explained the logic behind McGregor being next with a victory over Cerrone, stating that McGregor’s past accomplishments and Gaethje’s unwillingness to accept fights in the past are what put McGregor in prime position to earn a world title shot over Gaethje.

Should Cerrone defeat Mcgregor at UFC 246, this entire subject will be moot, just as it would be if Tony Fergusoon defeats Khabib Nurmagomedov on April 18th.

Do you agree with Justin Gaethje’s assessment of Dana White saying McGregor would be next for Khabib if he “gets through” Donald Cerrone?

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