Evander Holyfield wants to work with Dana White on Zuffa Boxing: “Let me be part of it”

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As 2019 winds down, Dana White is starting to push steam behind Zuffa Boxing, although no set announcements have been made yet. Most recently, White announced that he had reached a deal with Floyd Mayweather for the two to work together on Zuffa Boxing, but White would not go into detail as to how that deal would take place.

Following the news of their agreement, another boxing legend wants in on Zuffa Boxing. While making an appearance for Sirius XM’s Fight Nation’s Defining Moments of the Decade Show, former heavyweight boxing legend Evander Holyfield revealed he would like to work with Dana White and be a part of Zuffa Boxing.

“I think, Dana White, he had proven it when he did the Mixed Martial Arts, he knows the stuff. I think that with him and the way that he do things, it could be big. Hopefully if he do it, let me be part of it.”

When asked in what capacity would he like to be a part of it, Holyfield simply stated he believes there should be boxers who have been around the sport who can truly lend a helping hand to Zuffa Boxing.

“I just think that if thing is going to grow for him, he has to have people who have been the very best. People tend to come and pay more attention when you have people like myself and maybe Floyd Mayweather, anybody who has been world champion, who was good, and there was no doubt that they were good fighters. This kind of draw to attention that makes things a little easier than it would if you think you can just do it yourself.”

With both Floyd Mayweather and Evander Holyfield showing interest in being a part of Zuffa Boxing, it appears that White will have quite the business partners depending on how they choose to work together. As more things start to come together for Zuffa Boxing, it should be noted that earlier this year White said he’s not into the thought of UFC fighters crossing over and competing for Zuffa Boxing.

Sirius XM Boxing’s Defining Moments of the Decade Show will premier on Tuesday 12-24 at 12pm EST on Sirius XM’s Fight Nation, channel 156.

Do you think Dana White will bring Evander Holyfield on board to work with Zuffa Boxing?

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 12/18/2019

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