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If you were to say that the best fighter of the last ten years was Jon Jones, few would argue. And maybe the few that did would be holding out of the Octagon issues against the New York native. And while that’s part of his story, it’s not the whole story. What should be focused on for purposes of lists like this is what Jones did on fight night, and that record is impeccable. From 2010 to the present, Jones’ record is 16-0, with 1 NC. And while the names on that record represent a Who’s Who of the light heavyweight division (Bader, Rua, Jackson, Machida, Evans, Belfort, Sonnen, Gustafsson, Teixeira, Cormier, etc), what impresses me the most is that there were maybe two times when it looked like Jones was in trouble – in the first fight with Alexander Gustafsson and when he was nearly submitted by Vitor Belfort. Twice in 17 fights, many of them going five rounds, against the best in his division. That’s dominance.

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