Perry’s Use Of Racial Slur Too Much For ‘Overkill’

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In 2018, current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight contender, Mike Perry, discovered he was 2% African American after taking a DNA test. As a result, “Platinum” revealed that he would now be allowed to use the “n” word.

To hear Perry tell it, he picked up the use of the word growing up in Flint, Michigan. In fact, former 170-pound champion, Tyron Woodley, once gave the hard-hitting slugger a pass for using the racial slur.

One person who isn’t letting Perry off so easy is Angela Hill. Indeed, the Strawweight contender took to social media to slam Perry after he once again used the word to take aim at actor Michael Jai White in their ongoing feud.

“White people using ‘nigga’ to insult a black person, I don’t give a fuck what your intentions were, it ain’t right,” wrote Hill. “The few times I’ve run into Perry during fights he’s seemed cool, this isn’t cool.”

Perry has yet to respond to Hill’s tweet, but it seems at this point there isn’t anything he can say to defend his constant use of the word other than to fall back on his alleged DNA test.

Even that may not fly for “Overkill.”

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