Dustin Poirier calls for 165lbs weight class

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Dustin Poirier
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UFC lightweight contender Dustin Poirier is calling for the world’s leading MMA promotion to introduce a weight class at 165lbs.

Poirier has fought the majority of his career at the featherweight limit of 145lbs and the lightweight limit of 155lbs. As the sport has evolved, fighters are beginning to learn that cutting a bunch of weight doesn’t necessarily lead to better results. In recent days, Poirier has said that he is open to moving up to the welterweight limit of 170lbs to take on Nate Diaz.

Now Poirier is taking it a step further. “The Diamond” says that he wants the UFC to create a weight division between lightweight and welterweight, suggesting either 162lbs or 165lbs as the new weight class limit.

Here’s what Poirier posted on his Twitter.

“We should have a weight class between 155 and 170”

“162lbs or 165lbs would be perfect. I’d never cut to 155 ever again”

The call for a 165lbs weight class has heightened in recent years as fighters have learned that cutting extreme amounts of weight isn’t necessarily a benefit. However, a number of former lightweights that moved up to welterweight found out they were a bit too small to be a serious contender there, making them a bit of a ‘tweener.’

The perfect example of that is Donald Cerrone, who headlines UFC 246 this weekend against Conor McGregor. Cerrone has bounced back-and-forth between 155lbs and 170lbs his entire UFC career, but hasn’t become a champion at either weight class. He might be the perfect fighter to compete at 165lbs. Nate Diaz is another example of a fighter who could benefit from a 165lbs weight class.

If Poirier has his way, his next fight will be at 165lbs. But with UFC president Dana White saying in the past that he is against that weight division, Poirier could be waiting quite a while. In the meantime, look for him to continue chasing a fight with Diaz at 170lbs.

Do you agree with Dustin Poirier and hope the UFC introduces a 165lbs weight class?

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