Get Paid Or Dismantle The Champ’s Face?

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By getting back in the win column at UFC 246 with a win over Donald Cerrone (see it), Conor McGregor can now scratch off one item of his to-do list for 2020. With a loss, his other goals likely would’ve went up in smoke, which include a Lightweight title fight and a possible Welterweight scrap against Jorge Masvidal for his “BMF” title.

Masvidal, meanwhile has done his part in repeatedly asking for a fight against “Notorious,” but says it gets to a point where you can only ask and plead so many times.

“Stop flirting and let’s put it together. July 6, International Fight Week, let’s do it. If not, just let me know, bro, because I got shit to do,” Masvidal said during a recent sit-down on The Ariel Helwani MMA Show.

McGregor has stated that fight against “Gamebred” is on his list, and since he isn’t keen on waiting for Khabib, McGregor could very well see himself staring Masvidal down sooner, rather than later.

UFC president Dana White, meanwhile, has long objected to that showdown, going as far as to say Masvidal is too big for Conor, while proclaiming that making the title fight against Kamaru Usman would likely be next for Jorge.

“Gamebred,” meanwhile, has an interest in both men for various reasons.

“I’ll make a considerably larger paycheck with Conor, but if it’s on the personal side, I would take a lot more pleasure in dismantling Usman’s face than I would Conor’s,” he added.

“I would have sincere joy inside of me like a kid on Christmas opening numerous gifts if Usman was the dude that I got to baptize.”

Masvidal explains that over the the last few months, Usman has found a way to irritate him enough to want to cause physical harm to him

“There is just something about his face, I don’t like it and it doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t like his attitude, either. These little comments of ‘who,’ I have been doing this for 16 fucking years. I’m the fighter of the year, in your fucking weight class and you’re going to be petty and corny ass troll to say who.

“But this dude ain’t go no personality. He’s got like 17 personalities but not one of them is made for TV, so I want to fuck his ass up.”

Jorge’s manager, Abe Kawa, recently started a campaign for UFC to create an interim 170-pound strap between Masvidal and McGregor in order to attract Notorious,” but it hasn’t picked up any steam.

That said, if Conor wants to fight for a belt, Masvidal is more than willing to put up his “BMF” title, as long as “Notorious” puts up some collateral, as well, such as a large amount of cash.

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