Midnight Mania! Roxy Laughs Off Salty Barber Clan

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Yesterday — less than a week after Maycee Barber was upset by Roxanne Modafferi at UFC 246 — Barber’s father, Bucky Barber, took to Instagram to explain away the defeat and belittle Modafferi’s efforts in actually beating up his daughter.

Now, it is true that Maycee Barber destroyed her ACL in the fight, but Mr. Barber is conveniently ignoring the fact that Barber was pretty thoroughly out-struck and out-wrestled in the first round prior to the injury. That’s not to say Barber could not have potentially rallied with a healthy knee, but Modafferi was doing damn well on her own.

In perhaps the sassiest comment I’ve seen from Modafferi — which is to say, a very mild amount of sass still surrounded with kindness — “The Happy Warrior” responded on Twitter.

It’s worth reiterating that it was not Maycee Barber herself who posted the rant above. However, based on her strange mic-snatch moment immediately after the decision was announced, it seems like she shares some of her father’s feelings. Either way, hopefully the 21-year-old combatant will grow from this entire experience.


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What has this man been eating?!?!? He’s on that Rousimar Palhares diet.

I’ll admit to being insanely jealous of Heavyweights and their lack of weight cutting. Curtis Blaydes is snacking on french fries and steak without a care in the world …

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Not only is a double knockout, but they both climb back to their feet at almost the exact same time!

The man himself:

The commentary’s level of interest does not match how nice of a knockout this is.

Random Land

I’m not certain this is real, but it’s a thrill ride either way!

Midnight Music: It’s hard to pick a Tame Impala song and not include a comment about Kevin Parker sounding extremely like John Lennon. He does, but Tame Impala is still different and good.

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.

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