Dana White confirms Usman vs Masvidal title fight on Jim Rome Show

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UFC President Dana White broke some fight news today while being interviewed on The Jim Rome Show. In Miami for Super Bowl LIV White was being asked questions about Jorge Masvidal by talk show host Jim Rome. White was telling Rome how people in Miami would ask him when Masvidal would fight in Miami. Rome asked White what does he tell them, “not soon” White replied.

White then proceeded to say the following

“We’re gonna bring him to Vegas. So him and Usman will fight in Vegas, probably International Fight Week. And then if he wins maybe we’ll do his first title defense down here in Miami.”

International Fight Week traditionally takes place in July in Las Vegas. Dana White confirmed that his plan was always to have Kamaru Usman defend his title against Jorge Masvidal in Las Vegas. However with the recent encounter between Usman and Masvidal during Super Bowl week White seemed compelled to announce the fight during his interview with Rome.

Anthony Sotelo for MMAinformed

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