UFC Boss Dana White Not Happy With Usman-Masvidal Confrontation

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UFC president Dana White says he’s not a fan of the altercation between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal.

It’s clear that Usman and Masvidal are on a collision course. The two have been trading barbs and almost came to blows on Radio Row in Miami before Super Bowl LIV. White said the incident forced his hand in making the early announcement that he’s working on a bout between the two for Usman’s welterweight title.

Dana White Down On Usman-Masvidal Incident

While one would expect White to be thrilled with the attention Usman and Masvidal received for their near-scuffle, the UFC boss told Will Cain that it’s quite the opposite (via MMAJunkie.com).

“I don’t love it,” White said. “People think because I’m a promoter I’m like, ‘Cha-ching. That’s great for us.’ But it’s not great for us. We’re here at the Super Bowl – Radio Row at the Super Bowl, the NFL – and these two are acting like neanderthals.”

White went on to say that his issue is that this was done during an event where the mainstream media and folks not privy to the sport of MMA attended.

“The problem is for the people who (are) in here and the media, it scares (non-MMA) people like this,” White said. “That’s a scary thing when that goes down. If they touch each other, now the police get involved. We’re regulated by the government. Now, the athletic commissions are getting involved (if they touch each other).

“Those two are going to fight in Las Vegas in ‘International Fight Week’ for 25 minutes. They can do whatever they want to each other. That fight’s happening. You don’t have to do it here at Radio Row at the Super Bowl.”

Do you agree with Dana White here, or is he worried about nothing in regards to the Kamaru Usman-Jorge Masvidal altercation?

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